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    1. industrial

      and commercial water
      treatment systems

      on-line consulting

      Ultra Violet

      Industrial?UV disinfection

      on-line consulting


      and emphasis on client advocacy

      on-line consulting

      Treatment Plants

      Containerised Portable Water Treatment Plants...


      Experience. Quality. Reliability!...

      industrial water treatment

      Clean, safe, high quality water is more than the ambition of environmentalists, and more than a political catchphrase. Fresh and sanitary water in the right quantities and diverted to the right causes, is absolutely indispensable to health, recreation and social and economic progress.

      It is no exaggeration that the very survival of the human species depends on the effective management of our diminishing water resources.

      WaterIcon is a South African based company specialising in a full range of water treatment services. Whether municipal, residential?or industrial water treatment solutions are required; our turnkey services are available for both small and large scale projects.? We provide full maintenance and operating solutions to water purification and wastewater treatment plants of any size.

      WaterIcon is dedicated to the development and maintenance of a sustainable future for Africa. We are at the cutting edge of innovation in the field, drawing on world class technologies and working closely with our global research and development centres.? The industry-leading technologies regularly implemented at our treatment plants include:

      Whatever the needs of our clients, we strive to implement the most appropriate solution in our portfolio for each project we undertake. The highly skilled team of engineers and professional tradespeople work with each client to provide the ideal customised solution for their needs, whether the goal is to reduce operating costs, comply with environmental standards or to increase efficiency.

      ohsas18001 iso9001


      more about us



      water treatment companies

      With mounting global concern over the environment, industries and municipalities are under increasing pressure to manage their environmental impact. ?Untreated effluent water poses a risk to the surrounding environment and becomes a legal and financial burden.

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      Industrial Solutions

      industrial waste water recycling

      All industries face several water challenges including high water volumes, strict environmental codes, corrosion of machinery, and managing wastewater. WaterIcon specifically addresses the unique water challenges of different industries with solutions designed for their specific needs.

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